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Driving in Indiana: Statewide Stats

Insurance Facts

Indiana’s 12-month average car insurance premium, as of December 2013, was $1,202. The most populated cities are Indianapolis and Fort Wayne. The rates will be a bit higher in those cities, due to the higher number of drivers, but more residents means more businesses competing for your business. Overall, residents should have an easy time shopping all the options for cheap insurance Indiana has available.

The percentage of uninsured drivers in the state hovers around 16% however, which is a big factor in urban areas where the average price is typically higher. It also means that purchasing Uninsured Motorist coverage is highly recommended.

Recent statistics indicate distribution of Indiana’s population is 70.8% urban and 29.2% rural. Cars and racing are common obsessions, and well suited to the nearby Indianapolis 500.

There are over 5 million licensed drivers in the state, and over 6 million registered vehicles. Most of its $275 billion Gross State Product comes from manufacturing and pharmaceuticals. The sate has survived the recent declines in manufacturing because of its focus on “heavy” manufacturing (industrial machinery and steel) which requires highly-skilled labor.


State Car Insurance Requirements

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Helpful Resources

DMV website

Most vehicle-related issues are handled by Indiana’s Bureau of Motor Vehicles, which may be found here.

Registration Information

Titling and registration services are conducted by the Bureau of Motor Vehicles. Numerous office locations are available around the state, as well as through partnerships at many AAA Office locations. A full listing may be found here. New vehicles must be registered and titled within 31 days.

DUI Information

The number of DUIs in Indiana has been decreasing steadily over the past decade, which has gone a long way towards making the roads safer, and insurance rates lower. Still, in 2012 there were 228 drunk driving fatalities (making up 29% of all total traffic deaths).
If you are convicted of a DUI, you will face the following penalties:

The Bottom Line

Indiana’s diverse economy is going a long way toward helping the state continue to grow and attract new residents. Like many states who are experience population growth, insurance rates are in a state of flux, which is good news for consumers!

We recommend our customers re-shop their rates at least twice a year (or at each renewal). If you are curious whether you may be paying more than you should for your auto insurance, give us a call!

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Average Annual Premiums in Indiana = $1,301 | via Insure.com