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Cheap Insurance Madison

Madison, the capital of Wisconsin, is a pretty safe place to live. The crime index is substantially lower than the national average, which is great news for any resident. Furthermore, the economy is quickly shifting from government-based (with the government as the largest employer) to service and technology based (the city is attracting health, biotech, and advertising companies). If you own and drive a car, insurance is now mandatory, so customers are advised to compare the many choices for cheap insurance Madison agents have to offer.

Wisconsin requires certain minimum auto insurance coverage. This coverage sets the base rate, and adding to it will add additional premium. However, that’s not to say that increased liability will be expensive! In fact, the more you know about your city, the better chance you have of finding low rates!

Some Factors That Affect Rates In Madison

  • Your Neighborhood: Rates in Williamson-Marquette are going to be far different than the rates in Downtown or Westmorland. This is due to population density, crime rates, and accident statistics.
  • Crime rates: Thankfully, there were only 254 auto thefts in 2012! That’s a pretty phenomenal rate, considering Madison’s size.
  • Traffic: More good news! There are only a couple of really bad traffic hours each day, and even during those hours there are only a quarter million commuters or so (some major cities have as many 9 million!). This helps reduce the number of traffic accidents, and lowers overall rates in your city.
  • Public Transportation: The more options commuters have, the better! If you can commute by any method other than your car, your rates should lower. The less miles you put on your vehicle each year, the lower your cost of insurance.

The #1 Way To Save!

Getting comparison quotes remains the best way to lower your insurance rates. All you need to get started is your zip code!

Have questions about auto insurance in your state? Want a quote for car insurance? Start with your zipcode for a fast, free quote.

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