Cheap Insurance Appleton

Cheap Insurance Appleton

Appleton’s population has risen slowly but steadily since 1950, and currently sits at over 73,000. This steady growth means that insurance rates haven’t fluctuated wildly like some of the nation’s “boom” towns, but they have gone up (along with the rest of the state). So if you’re paying more than you were last year, a lot of that can be attributed to changes in the local economy as well as the population and demographic shifts. It’s a good idea to re-shop your policy at least twice a year, just to make sure you are always getting the best deal. When insurance companies want to expand their customer base they usually do so by lowering their rates, so there’s a chance you can find a better price if you take the time to compare all the options for cheap insurance Appleton has available.

Factors that affect your rates:

  • Crime: Thankfully crime isn’t as much of a problem in Appleton. For example, there were only 27 cars stolen in 2012 (the most recent data available). Other property crime statistics are also low, so the price of homeowners/renters insurance, as well as comprehensive coverage on your auto policy should be lower than average.
  • Population Density: the 54911 zip has the highest population density (which is the eastern side of the city). The northern part of the city has the lowest population density. So if you are planning on moving it’s a good idea to get quotes for multiple addresses within each zip code. Population density affects your rates because the denser the area, the more cars there are on the roads (which increases the accident risk).

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