Cheap Insurance Yakima

Cheap Insurance Yakima

Yakima, Washington has a population of 91,000 in the city proper, but almost a quarter million in the greater metro area. There has been a lot of population growth over the past 25 years, as more and more business enter the local economy. While the core industry remains agricultural, there is a heavy retail and military presence as well. Because of the area’s food production it has become a tourist destination for “locally-sourced” eaters and beer lovers (the local hops are becoming internationally recognized). This also means it has a large seasonal population that comes during harvest which tends to raise the traffic accident rates. Insurance companies take this into consideration when calculating the premiums for the city, so it’s good for you to know as well. If your rates have seen a spike in recent years it may be time to compare the choices for cheap insurance Yakima can offer.

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Did you know?

  • Crime rates affect your auto premiums. There were almost 1,100 cars stolen in Yakima in 2012, which affects full coverage rates the most.
  • The average commute time for Yakima residents is only 20 minutes or so. This is because most of the city’s labor force commutes in to the city. So if you live in Yakima, the chances are you also work in Yakima and don’t experience the congestion that outside residents do.
  • The highest population density is in the city center (zip code 98902), so rates will be slightly higher for residents there.

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