Cheap Insurance Spokane

Cheap Insurance Spokane

As the second largest city in Washington, Spokane has attracted new residents by heavily investing in a wider range of industries. However, there have been some problems with crime, which the city has been slow to address. The property crime rate is almost double the national average, and is higher than 98% of of communities across the nation. While this can affect insurance rates, they’re not as bad as you might expect. A lot of it is due to the number of options for cheap insurance Spokane offers. There is even a state program for “high-risk” drivers which is meant to help people fulfill the state requirements when other insurance carriers’ prices are too high.

Factors that affect Spokane insurance.

  • Auto theft rates. There were over 2000 vehicles stolen in 2012, increasing the price of comprehensive coverage in the city.
  • Neighborhood statistics. Most of the city’s crime is centered around the Downtown and surrounding neighborhoods. Along the outskirts, it is generally safer and cheaper to insure your vehicle.
  • Traffic Patterns. Things like the average length of commute, traffic risks, and public transportation options all affect rates for liability coverage. Spokane has around 215,000 commuters on the road each day. Because of its urban sprawl, public transportation isn’t as viable an option as it is in other cities, which forces more reliance on cars and increases the risk of auto accidents.
  • Washington’s auto insurance requirements. This sets the average baseline rate for auto policies.

The Easiest Way To Save Money

The best way to make sure you’re paying the lowest rates is to occasionally re-shop your policy. We recommend doing this at least every six months, and we have a lot of online tools to help make the shopping easier.

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