Cheap Insurance Renton

Cheap Insurance Renton

Renton’s population has grown by 81.7% since 2000, to its current population of around 90,000.  New retail space, luxury apartments, technology and manufacturing business are popping up all over town at a rapid rate. Because of this Renton is quickly becoming known as a hotspot for young professionals because there are so many job opportunities. Of course, this also means that insurance rates are going crazy. Companies have to quickly adjust to new population data so their loss ratios remain manageable. For consumers, this means that they should be comparing their options at least twice a year until the city’s growth slows and the rates stabilize. To re-shop your policy and compare all the options for cheap insurance Renton can offer, all you need to do is submit your zip code below. We can start helping you shop with some very basic information.

Some other information about Renton, Washington:

  • Many of the cities employees will be eligible for the highly skilled worker, or the highly educated worker discounts. Be sure to ask your agent if you qualify, especially if you work for Boeing, the school districts, or the medical centers (all three of which should give you the discount).
  • Auto thefts saw a sharp increase in 2010 (up to almost 600), and as of 2012 this rate is still hovering at the same place. This means that the rates for comprehensive coverage have gone up and won’t decrease again until new crime data is received from the FBI.
  • The 98056 zip code has the highest population density and rates there will probably be a little higher than elsewhere in the city.

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