Cheap Insurance Auburn

Cheap Insurance Auburn

Auburn, Washington has a population of 70,000 residents, making it the fourteenth largest city in the state. It is a suburb of nearby Seattle, which means a lot of its residents commute out of the city in the morning, and back in the afternoon. If you are one of those commuters, you know how stressful traffic conditions can be, and you probably have seen an increase in your annual auto insurance premiums. One way to find a better deal is to take a couple minutes to compare the options for cheap insurance Auburn has available.

Also, the more you know about your city’s population, crime, and demographic data, the better your chances of saving money. We believe that the more you know, the more you save!

Quick facts:

  • The cost of living in Auburn almost exactly matches the national average. The only section where it is higher is goods and services. The lowest contributing factor to the cost of living are utilities. So you can expect prices to be higher than other parts of Washington, but not as high as nearby Seattle, which is why so much of Seattle’s workforce has chosen to live in the surrounding suburbs
  • There have been close to 600 car thefts annually in recent years. This is one of the biggest problems contributing to auto insurance costs. Especially for drivers who need to carry full coverage on their vehicles.
  • The population growth over the past decade (74% between 2000 and 2010) also contributes to the rising insurance prices.

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