Cheap Insurance Alexandria

Cheap Insurance Alexandria

Because of Alexandria’s proximity to our nation’s capital (only 6 miles south), many residents are employed by the federal service or military. This can pose traffic problems heading north out of the city, which equals an increased risk of traffic accident. Because the average price of auto insurance in Virginia can be high, if you live in the city you should take the time to search all the available options for cheap insurance Alexandria can offer.

Comparison shopping is the absolute best way to find the lowest rate. If you haven’t had your policy shopped by an agent in six months or more, now is a great time. It only takes a few minutes if you do it online, but can save you hundreds a year in some cases.

Here are some factors that affect rates in Alexandria:

  • Commute times: The average commute is longest in the southern part of the city, closer to the Maryland border. This is because the majority of daily drivers are heading north towards D.C.
  • Neighborhoods: Depending on what part of the city you live in, you may see different rates for certain coverages. Living in Mt. Vernon may mean higher rates for liability than you might pay in Rose Hill or Groveton.
  • Crime: Thankfully the crime index in Alexandria is half the national average. There were only 326 cars stolen in 2012, which helps keep the rates for comprehensive coverage lower.
  • Cost of Living: The cost of living in Alexandria is 27% higher than the state’s average. This is due to the number of urban white-collar workers employed by the government, and the expensive housing. However, some of that cost of living also affects the rates for your auto insurance.
  • Public Transportation: There are plenty of public transportation options, especially if you are heading into the capital. If you can utilize any of them, we recommend doing so. Driving fewer miles each year will go a long way toward lowering your insurance rates.

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