Cheap Insurance West Valley City

Cheap Insurance West Valley City

West Valley City is Salt Lake’s largest suburb, and the second-largest city in the state of Utah. Three years ago the city unveiled plans to upgrade its downtown, providing new conference venues, hotels, a new civic center, and a number of infrastructure upgrades. The top employers in the city are based in the financial, shipping, and communications industries. Because of the coming investment, West Valley City is expecting a lot of growth over the next decade. This means that insurance rates will be changing a lot over the coming years as carriers adjust to the new demographic data. Before this starts to happen, we recommend taking a few minutes to compare your current rates to the many options for cheap insurance West Valley City residents have at their disposal.

Unique features of West Valley City, and how they affect your insurance rates:

  • The crime rate is significantly higher than the national average, with over 650 cars stolen in 2012. This is bad news for your comprehensive rates, as insurance companies take these statistics into account when they are calculating them.
  • In general, the Redwood neighborhood and the eastern part of town have higher crime rates than the city’s other neighborhoods.
  • There are a number of public transportation options which, for commuters who use them, can help lower annual auto insurance premiums. The Utah Transit Authority, TRAX, MAX, and West Valley Central all service the city, with routes going from West Valley to Salt Lake and back.
  • There are close to 600,000 commuters on the roads each day in the Salt Lake/West Valley corridor. This can pose traffic problems, as well as an increase in the traffic accident rate. Both statistics are considered when insurance companies are calculating rates for your area.

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