Average Annual Premiums in Utah = $1,315  | via Insure.com

Cheap Insurance Utah

Cheap Insurance Utah

Driving in Utah

Statewide Facts

Residents of the "Beehive State" enjoy a substantially lower cost of living than most states. Part of what helps is the wide range of options for cheap insurance Utah residents have on hand. For a state with a population of 2.9 million, average annual premiums for car insurance over around $1,200. One statistic that helps is the low rate of uninsured drivers (8%).

A recent Gallup poll rated Utah as the best state to live in, based on a variety of economic, social, and health-related criteria.

Still, vehicle theft rates are on the rise (over 66,000 in 2012) which is taken into account when insurance companies are calculating their rates. Especially for Comprehensive coverage in urban areas with more dense populations.

Minimum Requirements for Auto Insurance

  • No-fault, or Personal Injury Protection in the amount of $3,000
  • $25,000 bodily injury liability per person
  • $65,000 bodily injury liability per accident
  • $15,000 property damage liability
  • Alternatively, you can purchase a combined single limit of $80,000 which coverage both bodily injury and property damage

Did you know?

  • The State of Utah’s Highway Safety Office launched a program designed to increase public awareness and combat the problem of Utah’s underage drinking.
  • There were only 6061 drunk driving arrests in 2012, with 34 related fatalities and 1043 injuries.
  • There are 1.9 million registered vehicles on the road in Utah, for close to 1.8 million drivers.
  • In the random law department, it is illegal to hunt whales (not sure where you'd find them though)
  • It is also illegal to fish from horseback and birds have the right-of-way on all highways.

Helpful Websites

Utah's Division of Motor Vehicles is a hub of resources for drivers. There are online license/registration renewals, lists of local agencies, and many other tools to help consumers get on the road.

Utah's Insurance Department has a list of articles related to insurance and consumer protection.

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Average Annual Premiums in Utah = $1,315  | via Insure.com

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