Cheap Insurance Murfreesboro

Cheap Insurance Murfreesboro

Murfreesboro is a college town, home to Tennessee’s largest undergrad university, so a large chunk of the city’s population are students. This can affect local insurance rates as younger drivers usually pose a greater claims risk to insurance companies. The city’s population has been increasing by around 50% each decade, which keeps insurance actuarials busy! The more a region changes (population, demographics, economic and traffic data, etc.) the more insurance rates fluctuate. This is why we encourage our customers to search for all the options for cheap insurance Murfreesboro can offer. The more rates you compare the better your price will be.

Some insurance facts about Murfreesboro:

  • The crime index is higher than the national average, but the rate of motor vehicle thefts is low (193 stolen in 2012) which is what most insurance companies look at when calculating rates.
  • Keep in mind that different parts of the city will have different rates for certain coverages. For example, the northeast part of town is the most densely populated, so your rates for liability coverage¬†and physical damage coverage will probably be higher there (this is the 37130 zip code for reference).
  • There aren’t a lot of public transportation options which means most people in the city rely on their cars. This can add congestion to the roads, but also means you will drive more each year. The more annual miles you put on your car the more insurance companies will charge you. This is because your accident risk increases.
  • Check for discounts like the Group/Affinity discount, or the Good Student Discount. Most companies will apply the GSD until you turn 25, so if you’re in college it can help a lot!

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