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Clarksville is technically Tennessee‘s first city, first incorporated in 1785. Currently it is one of the top five fastest growing cities in the nation, with a population that has doubled since 1990. Fast growth means more drivers, increasing the risk of accidents. Flooding is also a local concern, so along with increased liability coverage, residents are advised to consider adding comprehensive coverage to their policy as well. All in all, as more business flock to the city the number of choices for cheap insurance Clarksville offers will also increase. More competition for your business means a better chance of finding lower rates.

Some facts about Clarksville that affect your insurance rates:

  • The cost of living is lower than the state’s average by about 3%, and the national average by 13%. This helps keep your insurance costs lower.
  • In general, the north east parts of the city (including Ringgold) have the highest population density. This means a higher concentration of vehicles on the road, which can raise insurance rates for those zip codes.
  • The crime rate is slightly higher than the national average, but the number of auto thefts continues to decrease. There were only 167 stolen cars in 2012 which helps lower the rates for comprehensive coverage.
  • Clarksville Transit System runs throughout the city. If you both live and work in the city limits, this might be an option for your daily commute. If you use your car less you can expect lower rates on your auto insurance.
  • The closer you live to the city center, the longer your commute tends to be. Clarksville residents spend between 24 and 26 minutes each day in traffic, which isn’t too bad, due the layout of the major thoroughfares.

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