Cheap Insurance Scranton

Cheap Car Insurance Scranton

Scranton, the 6th-largest city in Pennsylvania, has a population of 76,000 residents. The population hit its peak in the 1930s thanks to the coal and textile industries, but has been on a steady decline since then, although it seems to have leveled off over the past two decades. This is actually good news because it means that auto insurance rates won’t be fluctuating as much as other U.S. cities. Still, if you haven’t compared prices in a while, it’s a good time to look over the options for cheap insurance Scranton can offer. Comparison shopping is the most effective way of guaranteeing you are paying the lowest possible rates for your coverage.

Some quick facts about Scranton:

  • Scranton became fairly famous for its role in the hit television show The Office. The city has embraced its recognition, with a number of tourist sites meant to welcome travelers who are coming into town to catch glimpses of some of the locations used in the show’s opening credits.
  • Public transportation is provided by COLTS buses, but there are a number of Interstates and freeways throughout the region for commuters who rely on their automobiles. Commute length is one of the biggest factors in the price you pay for your auto insurance. The more miles you put on your car every year, the higher your rates will be.
  • Crime rates are low throughout the region. For example, there were only 124 cars stolen in 2012, which is almost half the rate of a decade ago. This means that drivers who carry full coverage have fairly low prices.

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