Cheap Insurance Pittsburgh

Cheap Car Insurance Pittsburgh

Widely considered one of the most “liveable” cities in the U.S., “Steel City” has a lot to offer. That includes all the options for cheap insurance Pittsburgh agents can show you. Pennsylvania‘s rates are low in general, and the city isn’t an exception, although living in an urban area means you are going to pay more regardless.  If you are one of the many new residents, are thinking of moving, or have lived in Pittsburgh your whole life, here are some tips on keeping your auto insurance low.

The Best Tip We Can Offer

First of all, no matter where you live, getting comparison quotes is the best way to save money. Now that so many insurance carriers have nationwide programs and online rating tools, it’s easier than ever to compare rates. If you’ve been with your company for longer than a year, there’s a good chance you can find a lower monthly price.

Other Ways to Save

  • Enroll in EFT: If you are one of the millions of drivers who pay their insurance in monthly installments, signing up for Electronic Funds Transfers can save you as much as $15/month in billing fees. It alas has the advantage of lowering the chance of your policy cancelling for non-payment.
  • Know your neighborhood: Shady Side and Fox Chapel are going to have lower rates for some coverages than neighborhoods like the Hill District or North Side
  • Know your city’s traffic conditions: There are almost a million commuters on the road every day during peak traffic hours. Taking public transportation will not only save you some headache, but can also lower your rates.

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Local Cheap Car Insurance Pittsburgh agencies we can beat in price.

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1 Parkway Ctr
Pittsburgh, PA 15220
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6 Boggs Ave
Pittsburgh, PA 15211
(412) 488-6501

McGroarty & Bradburn Insurance
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4175 Steubenville Pike
Pittsburgh, PA 15205
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Low Auto Insurance Store
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535 Smithfield St
Pittsburgh, PA 15222
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