Cheap Insurance Bethlehem

Cheap Car Insurance Bethlehem

Bethlehem is the 7th-largest city in Pennsylvania, with a population of almost 75,000 residents. The city has four separate sections and each of them may have slightly different rates for auto insurance. For example, residents of central Bethlehem probably pay more for liability that residents of east or west Bethlehem. This is due to differences in crime, traffic, population density, and other factors. It is also good to know if you are planning on relocating. You can always compare the options for cheap insurance Bethlehem offers, but we also recommend comparing quotes for different zip codes as well so you know what to expect.

  • The zip code with the highest population density is 18018, which roughly corresponds to central Bethlehem.
  • There were 83 cars stolen in 2012, and almost 1,500 total thefts. That rate isn’t too bad, but it does affect the price of comprehensive auto coverage, as well as homeowners and renters insurance rates.

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