Cheap Insurance Medford

Cheap Insurance Medford

Medford has grown a great deal over the past two decades, to its present population of over 76,000 residents. The greater metro area has over 200,000 residents, which makes it the 4th-largest metro area in Oregon. Attempts were being made to renew and revitalize the city’s downtown and infrastructure, but the recession put a halt on many of the city’s projects. Still, the wine industry, and the health care industry have helped keep the economy stable. Because the city is on a growth pattern, insurance rates are being constantly revised. This could mean that the price you are currently paying is no longer the cheapest. If you take a couple minutes to review the rates for cheap insurance Medford offers you might be able to save some money. In fact, we recommend doing this at least twice a year in a changing city like Medford.

Quick facts:

  • Medford crime rate has been fluctuating a lot over the last few years. In 2012 the auto theft rate hit its highest point since 2007, with a total of 177 cars stolen. This can affect the price you pay for comprehensive coverage, so keep an eye on it. Any time the auto theft rates dip is a good time to re-shop your policy.
  • Population density isn’t much of a factor in Medford, since the city only has one zip code (meaning that the base rates should stay the same no matter where in the city you live).
  • If you work in education or the health are industry you should see if your company is giving you the highly-skilled or highly-educated worker discounts. This is sometimes called an “Affinity” discount and can be given to members of labor unions or other professional organizations as well.

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