Cheap Insurance Gresham

Cheap Insurance Gresham

Gresham, Oregon’s population has seen a lot of growth over the past couple decades. Part of this is the growing trend across the state, as new residents are attracted to Gresham’s climate, culture, and cost of living. The cost of living is almost 5% lower than the national average and housing costs are almost 30% lower. While insurance rates haven’t decreased much (they stay steady because of population growth), that doesn’t mean you can’t save some money if you shop around. Especially if you take the time to look at all the options for cheap insurance Gresham can offer!

Other facts about Gresham that influence local insurance rates:

  • The MAX transit system provides light rail throughout the city. It is world-renowned and many of Gresham’s commuters (the ones that don’t bike, at least) take it to work and back. Commuters who do this can usually lower their monthly insurance payments since the claims risk goes down a lot.
  • Crime has been a problem in recent years and there were almost 750 cars stolen in 2012 which is a pretty big jump from the year before.
  • The northern part of town closer to I-84 has the most resident density. This means there are more cars on the road in a smaller area so the rates for certain coverages will go up accordingly.

Some ways to save:

  • Keep your car in a garage or install an anti-theft device. Gresham’s problems with car thefts don’t look like they will be going away anytime soon, and most insurance carriers will offer a discount for having an alarm.
  • Check for extra discounts like the Credit Union, Mature Driver, or Group/Affinity Discount!

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