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Cheap Car Insurance Eugene

Eugene’s average commute time isn’t too bad!. Even along the Beltline it’s only about a 20 minutes average. However, you might be spending a lot of time in your car since there’s so much to do in this fair city! Whether your biking and running along the hundreds of trails in the area, or boating/kayaking along the McKenzie or Willamette rivers, Eugene is known for its beautiful outdoor recreations. But you need a car to get to a lot of them, so you might be in the market for one of the many options for cheap insurance Eugene can offer.

Oregon has specific auto insurance requirements, but depending on your vehicle use, you might consider additional coverage options. Here are some to consider:

Recommended Coverages:

  • Additional liability: You can usually get extra liability coverage (double your limits) for just a few dollars extra per month. This can greatly increase your financial protection.
  • Comprehensive: This covers your vehicle for theft (there were over 400 cars stolen in 2012), but also weather damage, vandalism, and other related claims.
  • Collision Coverage: Depending on the value of your vehicle, it might make sense to “fully” insure it. Meaning, you are covering your car for damage in an accident you cause.
  • Towing: If you can find a roadside assistance package, we recommend it. Many of Oregon’s companies will include it, and if you’re stuck in one of the back-country mountain roads, it could be very valuable.

Other Info About Eugene:

  • The cost of living is about 10% lower than the rest of Oregon state, and 3% lower than the national average, so it’s not only beautiful, it’s pretty affordable to live here!
  • Manufacturing plays a large part in the local economy, as do the healthcare and education industries.

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