Cheap Insurance Bend

Cheap Insurance Bend

Bend is the principal city of the surrounding metropolitan area, and has a population of around 78,000 residents (around 162,000 in the larger metro area). This makes it the 5th largest metro area in Oregon. While it began as a logging town, the city has earned an international reputation as being a hub for numerous outdoor activities and sports, including mountain biking, rock climbing, rafting, and skiing. Because of this, the city sees a lot of tourist traffic throughout the year and, while the city isn’t very densely populated, there can be a lot of cars on the road. The more cars in town, the higher the accident rates. This ultimately leads to higher insurance costs, so be sure to frequently compare the options for cheap insurance Bend can offer.

Factors that affect your rates:

  • There were less than 100 cars stolen in 2011 and current projections show that the rate will continue to remain low. This is great news for drivers who carry full coverage, since the price of comprehensive coverage specifically is affected by these statistics.
  • The population density for the metro area is low, which helps keep rates down. In the city itself, the southern part (zip code 97702) has the highest population density and as a result may have slightly higher base rates for some coverages.
  • Puplic buses are run by the Bend Area Transit, with the Bend Hawthorne Transit Center as the hub. This a recent development though, as the city didn’t have a public bus system until 2006. More and more commuters are choosing to leave their cars at home, but the majority of drivers in the area use their automobiles for their daily commutes.

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