Cheap Insurance Dickinson

Cheap Insurance Dickinson

Thanks to the Bakken formation, Dickinson, ND is one of the fastest growing cities in the nation. While the rapid expansion has brought its share of troubles to the city (an increase in homelessness and crime), the vast number of job opportunities is continuing to attract new residents. With rapid growth comes a lot of changes in insurance rates. If you live in the town, or are thinking of moving there, be sure to explore the many options for cheap insurance Dickinson can offer. It is more important than ever to comparison shop, as it is the #1 way to lower your rates.

Facts about Dickinson:

  • Current estimates put the population at over 30,000, which is almost double the 2010 population.
  • The most recent data available is from 2012, which showed only 23 auto thefts. However, the current assumption is that those numbers are rising, so we recommend purchasing comprehensive coverage. It covers your vehicle for theft, as well as damage resulting form anything other than collision.
  • North Dakota has specific insurance requirements all drivers must meet, but in a fast growing city like Dickinson, where there are more and more cars on the road each day, increased liability is also recommended.
  • Rents have double over the past three years, and everything from groceries to gas is seeing a rise in price. All the more reason to be sure you are paying the lowest available rate for your car insurance.

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