Cheap Insurance Raleigh

Cheap Insurance Raleigh

We recommend all residents take a few minutes to price the many options for cheap insurance Raleigh has available. The city has a population of 420,000, and is known for its quality of life and friendly business climate, both of which make it one of the fastest growing cities in the nation. Crime rates are down (slightly lower than the national average), and the city continues to attract new business investment, which is generally good news for residents.

However, as Raleigh’s popularity grows  locals can expect longer commute times, as well as higher insurance rates. If you are a new resident, or a current one, it might be time to re-shop your insurance policy.

Some Factors That Affect The Cost Of Your Insurance

  • Crime Rates: Particularly vehicle theft.
  • Traffic Patterns: Over 650,000 commuters hit the roads each day during peak hours, particularly along the Beltline.
  • Population density: More populated zip codes will generally have higher liability rates than others.
  • Your Neighborhood: Each city zone will be rated differently for different coverage. Five Points and parts of North Raleigh will be cheaper for full coverage than Walnut Terrace
  • North Carolina’s insurance requirements: These set the baseline for most of the state’s insurance rates.

The Best Way To Save Money

The absolute best way to lower your insurance rates is to re-shop your policy. If you’ve been with the same company for longer than a year, there’s a good chance you’re paying too much. Insurance companies constantly adjust their rates, so you never know when a different carrier will offer you the same coverage for less.

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