Cheap Insurance Las Cruces

Cheap Insurance Las Cruces

Las Cruces is not only the second-largest city in New Mexico, it is also home to Virgin Galactic (the first company to offer commercial spaceflights)! A large portion of the city’s residents are employed by the federal government (which might make you eligible for a discount on your auto insurance if you’re one of them), but the city also has an agricultural sector and a number of nearby colleges and universities. The cost of living is about 12% lower than the New Mexico average, which also extends to the number of options for cheap insurance Las Cruces can offer.

Factors that affect your rates in Las Cruces:

  • Auto theft rates: There were 214 cars stolen in 2012, which is pretty good compared to other cities of 100,000 residents. While the auto theft-rate has fluctuated over recent years, current projections estimate that it will continue to drop which is good news if you carry full coverage on your vehicle.
  • Aside from discounts for government work, many residents will qualify for the higher education discount (for having a post-high school degree). Be sure to ask your agent what else you might qualify for. Did you know some companies even offer a discount for being a member of a credit union?
  • Tourist traffic can bring a rise in the auto accident rates and Las Cruces sees a lot of tourism throughout the year. There are a number of book and music festivals, as well as historical and outdoor attractions.
  • Population density and demographic data also affects the rate you pay. So if you’re moving into an area of town with a higher population you might see your rates go up. Be sure to get quotes for a number of different areas so you know what to expect when you move.

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