Cheap Insurance Manchester

Cheap Insurance Manchester

While Manchester’s population is only around 109,000, it is the largest city in Northern New England and the greater metropolitan area is home to over 1/3rd of New Hampshire’s population. So naturally insurance rates are going to be higher in Manchester than the rest of the state. While New Hampshire doesn’t require you to carry insurance in order to register your vehicle, if you get into an accident you better be covered! This is especially important in a part of the state that has the population density that Manchester does. If you’re looking for a new policy, take a few minutes to explore the choices for cheap insurance the city offers.

Some quick facts about Manchester:

  • There were 151 cars stolen in the city in 2012. This is the most recent data the FBI has compiled and is what insurance companies use when calculating what to charge for comprehensive coverage in the city. You can usually defray the cost of the coverage if you have an tracking device, alarm, or some sort of anti-theft device installed in your vehicle.
  • The population is spread pretty evenly throughout the city, but there is a little more density in the neighborhoods east of the 3 freeway. This is where you might see slightly higher insurance rates.
  • Manchester is known as a cheap place to live with plenty of opportunity and “upward mobility.” Housing costs are about 30% lower than New Hampshire’s average, and the unemployment rate is less than 5%. Most predictions show a lot of growth ahead for New Hampshire’s largest city.

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