Cheap Insurance Helena

Cheap Insurance Helena

Despite being the capital of Montana, Helena is only the 6th largest city, with a population of around 75,000 (including the surrounding metropolitan area). Once a famous mining town, Helena had 50 millionaires at the turn of the 20th century! Nearly all of this fortune stemmed from the gold rush, and it spurred the construction of some of Helena’s most famous buildings, including the capital building and the St. Helena Cathedral. Nowadays, the economy is centered around the state government, the skiing industry, and outdoor tourism. The economy is one of the most stable in the state, and residents enjoy a variety of choices when it comes to the options for cheap insurance Helena can offer. Don’t pay more than you have to for your auto insurance when you can get comparison quotes in a matter of minutes.

Things to keep in mind when you shop for car insurance in Helena:

  • The city is very bike friendly, and has a decent public transportation system (HATS). Commuters who choose one of those options, or carpool to work, can save on their annual premiums.
  • The unemployment rate can affect insurance premiums, but the state just received a federal grant to help with job-training for the unemployed.
  • In general the southwest section of the city has the highest population density, so if you live around there you might be paying more for liability than residents of other parts of town. This is mostly due to the number of housing options in that area.
  • The auto theft rate is fantastically low! Only 32 cars were stolen in 2012. This means that you can probably find great rates for comprehensive coverage!

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