Cheap Insurance St. Joseph

Cheap Insurance St. Joseph

St. Joseph, with a population of 76,000 is the third largest city in Northwest Missouri. It is famous for being the birthplace of the Pony Express and its “western” culture. It is also a bit of a college town, home to Missouri Western, and a number of technical colleges. This means that the city has a higher-than-avarage number of young drivers which can sometimes raise the average price of auto insurance. Thankfully, St. Joseph’s population rate has remained steady over the past few decades, so the rates have remained fairly stable. Still, if you are thinking that you might be paying too much, getting comparison quotes only takes a few minutes. Take a look at all the options for cheap insurance St. Joseph agents can offer!

Quick facts about St. Joseph:

  • Public transportation is run by the publicly owned St. Joseph Transit, and is limited to bus service. However, it does run throughout the city and is an option for commuters who don’t have to travel outside St. Joseph each day. Putting less annual miles on your can usually mean lower auto insurance rates.
  • Auto theft rates are higher than average in the city. There were 371 cars stolen in 2012, compared to 279 the year before. That’s a pretty big jump which might mean that insurance companies are raising the price of comprehensive coverage to compensate for an increase in possible claims.
  • The central part of the city (zip code 64501) has the highest population density, which typically means slightly higher rates. This is simply because there are more cars and drivers on the road in a more condensed area, leading to a higher risk of accidents.

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