Springfield MO

The birthplace of US Route 66! You would think that Springfield has a heavy car culture, seeing as how it started America’s most iconic highway, and this is largely true. Because the city lacks any extensive public transportation options, residents heavily rely on their vehicles to get around, which has the added effect of increasing the average cost of auto insurance. Drivers are encouraged to explore the many choices for cheap insurance Springfield has on hand. The more you shop the more you save!

Facts about Springfield:

  • Crime rates are considered high for the city’s population, and they’ve been rising over the past couple of years. 2012 saw over 1,000 auto thefts.
  • Cost of living is 18% lower than the national average, and 12% lower than the state’s. The city is taking steps to invest in more tech to attract a younger, more professional demographic.
  • Crime is mostly concentrated around the central parts of the city, so if you live (or garage your car) there, your rates may increase.
  • The current major industries are health care, manufacturing, retail, and education. While it is not a famous tourist destination, it is a hub for conventions, with over 60 lodging businesses. This can put a strain on local highway infrastructure around the Convention center.
  • 14% of drivers in the state are uninsured, which is the reason the state requires uninsured motorist coverage on all auto policies.

Some Ways To Save

  • Lower your annual mileage! The less you drive each year, the lower your rates.
  • Keep your grades up! Young drivers who earn the Good Student Discount can save a lot on their annual premiums.
  • Keep your driving record clean! The Good Driver Discount is by far the largest available discount. Losing it can cost you hundreds of dollars a year, or more!
  • Comparison shop! Get as many quotes as possible (and do so at least twice a year) to make sure you are always paying the lowest rates for your coverage.