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The “Rome of the West” has nine bridges and an extensive freeway system, and unfortunately for drivers each presents its own delays. Especially during the 4 peak driving hours, when there are 1.3 million commuters on the roads. Drivers are advised to explore many options for cheap insurance St. Paul agents can offer. With so much traffic there is a significantly increased risk of auto collision, so rates in the city have remained higher than average.

Some Ways To Keep Your Rates Low

  • Be a Smart Driver: Check road conditions daily before heading out, stay alert, and avoid dense areas of the city as much as you can.
  • Know Your City: The rates in Southampton are going to vary a great deal from the rates in Fountain Park or Downtown.
  • Take Public Transportation: There are some great options for commuters who choose not to use their car. By taking one of the many bus or rail lines on your daily commute, you can save a ton of money on your auto insurance.

The #1 Way To Save Money!

The absolute most effective way to save money is to shop for comparison rates. Back when insurance prices were more stable, it made sense to stay with the same company for years. But St. Paul and the surrounding areas are growing at a rapid pace, forcing insurance carriers to constantly revise their rates. This is actually great news for consumers though! It means that there are more companies competing for your business.

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