Cheap Insurance Duluth

Cheap Insurance Duluth

Duluth is a port city in Minnesota with a population of 279,000 is the metropolitan statistical area. It is also the economic and employment center for the area so the city sees a good deal of through traffic throughout the week. That, coupled with the tourist traffic the city sees, can mean drivers pay a higher rate of auto insurance than residents of other parts of the state. If you’ve seen your premiums rise over the past few years, it’s a good time to compare the growing number of options for cheap insurance Duluth can offer. The more you shop the more you save.

Quick Facts:

  • The tourist traffic comes to the city for a number of reasons. First, Duluth has the only all-freshwater aquarium in the nation. Second, the North Shore is a popular road-trip route and many travelers begin their journeys from Duluth. Third, there are a number of zoos, aquariums, and festivals in the city year-round, making it a hotspot for the entire Midwest.
  • The crime rate for the city is low. There were only 172 cars stolen in 2012, which is a significant drop from previous years and helps keep full coverage rates low. This is good to know if you are financing a new car because most banks will require the coverage.
  • Much of the economy is centered in health care, higher education, and business services which means many drivers will be eligible for additional discounts. Ask your agent or company if they offer the highly-educated or highly-skilled worker discount (or if they have an equivalent discount available).

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