Cheap Insurance Warren

Cheap Insurance Warren

Warren, Michigan is Detroit’s largest suburb. Much of the city’s economy surrounds the automobile and defense industries. Like the rest of the surrounding area, the city’s population has been slowly decreasing. This can have some interesting affects on your auto insurance. The less drivers there are on the road, the lower your rates should be, but if crime goes up (as it has in Detroit), then rates will probably increase. If you’re a resident, we recommend taking a few minutes to explore the options for cheap insurance Warren can offer. Insurance companies have had to constantly revise their rates in the Detroit area, due to the rapid demographic changes.

Here are some other things that can affect your rates in Warren:

  • Crime: Violent crime is low, but property crime in the area is high. This is bad news for your insurance rates, as property crimes (especially auto thefts) affect your premiums the most. In 2012 there were over 700 cars stolen in Warren, which is about 3 times higher than comparably sized cities.
  • Population Density: The northeast section of town has the highest population density. This includes the neighborhoods of Fairlane Estates, Lorraine, and Northampton Square. In general, the portions of the city that are more populated will have slightly higher insurance rates since there are more drivers on the roads.
  • Average Commute Time: Residents of the 48089 and 48093 zip codes have slightly higher commutes than residents of the western part of town. This can affect your liability rates as well, as the more time you spend in your vehicle the higher your risk of being involved in an accident.

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