Cheap Insurance Flint

Cheap Insurance Flint

As the home of General Motors, Flint, Michigan has a long history of auto manufacturing which helped the city’s early growth. However, after most of the plants were shut down the city saw a rapid decline to the now current population of just under 100,000 residents. The city has struggled over the past decade with encouraging manufacturing growth by providing small-business tax incentives, and the city is currently trying to attract more commercial industry to help. Residents who are sticking it out should make sure they are comparing the options for cheap insurance Flint can offer. The more the city changes, the more the rates change so we suggest re-shopping your policy frequently.

Other information that may affect your rates:

  • Your neighborhood can affect your auto premiums. For example, living in the Grand Traverse District may mean you pay more for liability or collision than you would if you lived in Carriage Town. A lot of this has to do with population density, crime rates, and traffic/accident data.
  • Crime rates have dropped after some pretty rough years. Auto theft rates are down to a low of 459 in 2012 (after climbing over 1,500 around 2005). This means that residents are currently paying a higher rate for comprehensive coverage (although it should start to go down soon).
  • The cost of living is going down, with housing costs being over 60% lower than the national average. This is helping to attract new residents and if the city can add new jobs it should thrive.
  • Living closer to the city center (and northwards) will mean higher liability and collision rates because the population density is greater.

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