Cheap Insurance Quincy

Cheap Insurance Quincy

With a population of 92,000, Quincey is the 8th largest city in Massachusetts and one of Boston’s largest suburbs. While the city’s economy is involved in a lot of manufacturing and heavy industry, a growing number of the city’s residents are actually employed in Boston. This means that rush hour commutes can get bad heading toward the larger metro area. This also increases the risk of auto accidents, which is huge factor in your rates. If you’ve seen a spike in your renewal premiums, take a couple minutes to shop the options for cheap insurance Quincy can offer. The more quotes you get the better your chances of saving money.

Some insurance tips for Quincy:

  • Don’t skimp on your liability. Increasing your liability limits usually only costs a few dollars a month but can double or triple your financial protection. With rising medical costs, and rising car values, the requirements of most states is far too low. Can you imagine hitting a Mercedes with only $5,000 property damage coverage? You’d be lucky if it paid for a bumper.
  • Boston has some of the best public transportation options in the country. If you can take the rail or bus on your daily commute you can usually save a ton on your annual insurance bill. The less miles you drive, the lower your rates will be.
  • You might want to consider full coverage, even if it’s not required by your bank. There were only 116 cars stolen in Quincy in 2012, but the numbers for the greater Boston area are much higher.

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