Cheap Insurance Bloomington

Cheap Insurance Bloomington

Bloomington is the seat of Monroe County and has a population of over 80,000 residents. Because of its location in southern Indiana it is the economic and commercial hub for the region, and attracts a lot of income traffic throughout the week. It is also considered one of the best cities for business/entrepreneur opportunity. The largest employers are Indiana University Bloomington and the Cook Group, which means many of the city’s residents will qualify for additional discounts on their auto insurance, such as the highly-skilled or highly-educated worker discounts. If you are looking to save money on your monthly premiums, be sure to take a look at the growing number of options for cheap insurance Bloomington can offer. You might be surprised by how many companies are competing for your business!

Other Bloomington info that might be helpful:

  • There is a thriving music and art/theater scene in the city which brings a lot of tourist traffic (and money) to the city throughout the year. This is great for the local economy but it does generally result in an increase in the traffic accident statistics which can sometimes raise insurance prices.
  • Public transportation isn’t very extensive in the city, so most residents rely on their automobiles for their daily commutes. This also can result in more traffic and more accidents, not to mention more annual miles put on your car. All of these factors play into the price you pay for your coverage.
  • Full coverage rates, particularly comprehensive coverage, are affected by auto theft statistics. Thankfully there were only around 150 cars stolen in 2012, so the rates aren’t too bad.

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