Cheap Insurance Wilmington

Cheap Insurance Wilmington

Wilmington is Delaware‘s biggest city with a population of over 70,000. Major economic industries include financial services, transportation, and insurance. The largest employer is the state government followed by Christiana Care Health Systems and BofA. this means that many of Wilmington’s residents can qualify for some sort of occupational discount on their auto policies. To see if you’re one of them be sure to ask your agent if your current company offers a group/affinity/professional discount. Every little bit helps, especially as premiums rise nationwide. The best way to find the lowest rate is to comparison shop, so be sure to take a look at the number of options for cheap insurance Wilmington agents can offer.

Other rating factors in Wilmington:

  • Crime has been a problem over the last decade, with violent crime and property crime rising and falling over the past decade. 2012 saw over 350 auto thefts and the average crime rate is over double the national average. Insurance companies watch this data closely to determine the rating structures for a variety of different insurance coverages, including comprehensive (on the auto side) and homeowners/renters coverage.
  • The closer you live and work to downtown the higher your rates will be. This is because the downtown and central zip codes have a much higher population density (particularly the 19805 and 19802 zip codes).
  • Commute times can vary a lot throughout the city. The further you have to drive the longer your commute will be (seems obvious, right?), but if you live in a denser part of town, or commute to the city center you can see a lot of delay and a higher accident risk.

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