Cheap Insurance Norwalk

Cheap Insurance Norwalk

Norwalk has a current population of around 85,000 residents, making it the sixth-largest city in Connecticut. Historically, oyster farming has played a large part in the local economy, but the city has diversified its tax base a lot over the past few decades. Manufacturing, wholesale trade, retail, IT, and the health care industries have all grown, which has attracted a lot of new residents to the city. There are also a number of historical sites that attract tourists, as do the city’s numerous cultural festivals.

Currently the southwest portion of the city has the highest population density which usually equates to higher rates, but the price of auto insurance has gone up statewide in Connecticut. If your policy has been affected by the rate increase, take a couple minutes to compare the options for cheap insurance Norwalk has to offer. Comparison shopping is the absolute best way to lower your monthly premiums.

Quick Facts about Norwalk:

  • There were 111 cars stolen in 2012, which is the lowest rate in over 10 years. Recent crime-fighting strategies have drastically lowered the property crime rates in Norwalk, which has helped keep the price of comprehensive coverage low, as well as helping with homeowners and renters insurance rates.
  • The average commute time city-wide is around 30 minutes each way. It’s a bit longer in the southwest part of the city because of differences in freeway access. The longer you spend in your car each day, and the more miles you drive each year, can both equate to higher auto insurance rates. This is why we encourage our customers to find alternatives to their car for daily commuting, such as using public transportation or carpooling.

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