Cheap Insurance Fort Collins

Cheap Insurance Fort Collins

Fort Collins, CO has been voted the best place to live in the U.S. on multiple occasions. The college town is so quaint and pretty that it actually inspired the look of Disney’s “Main Street.” According to a recent study by one of the nation’s major insurance providers Fort Collins is also one of the safest cities to drive in! That’s great news and means there are more options for cheap insurance Fort Collins agents can offer.

Some things that affect your car insurance rates:

  • Colorado’s minimum requirements: The state requires drivers to carry certain limits (see the state guide), and these limits set the baseline rates for the state.
  • Your neighborhood: Each are of the city will have different crime rates, population density, traffic patters, etc. and these are all taken into consideration by companies when they are calculating the rates for each area. For example, living in the P.O.E.T. neighborhood or City Park will mean you pay lower rates for some coverages than if you live in Loveland or Soaring Eagle.
  • Crime: Thankfully the car theft rates in Fort Collins are extremely low. Only 142 cars were stolen in 2012, which goes a long way toward keeping the rates for comprehensive coverage low
  • Population Density: In general, the western and southern parts of the city have the highest population density which can mean you pay more for liability in those areas as there will be more drivers on the road.
  • Public Transportation: Currently, the public transportation options are run by Transfort (Monday through Saturday), but there are additional routes throughout the city that will be opening up some time this year. If you can take public transportation for your daily commute, you can usually save money on your auto insurance.

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