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Cheap Car Insurance Peoria

Peoria is one of Phoenix’s biggest suburbs, with over 150,000 residents. The new 303 freeway corridor is quickly becoming a busy thoroughfare for all kinds of traffic, including commercial and residential. The city’s biggest boom ended at the turn of the millennium but Peoria continues to grow (42% population growth over the previous decade). Because insurance rates still tend to be fluctuating, our customers have found some luck looking at the many options for cheap insurance Peoria agents can find.

Facts about Peoria:

  • The crime rate is lower than average for a city it’s size. There were around 260 motor vehicle thefts in the city in 2012. Aside from a slight bump in 2005, that rate has been in constant decline since 2002. This can be attributed to better theft deterrents in vehicles. If you don’t have an alarm installed, almost every insurance company will give you a discount for having one, so it’s worth thinking about.
  • The cost of living is about 3.5% lower than the Arizona average, with a median home value of around $270,000 and a median income of $58,000 (for a family).
  • According to, the average commute time is longer (around 31 minutes) the further north you are in the city. This is most likely due to the growing traffic density on the 303, as it is the only major thoroughfare in that part of town. The closer you get to the city center, the more routes you have available so traffic tends to be a bit lighter.
  • While Peoria doesn’t have a very extensive public transportation network, some customers have had some luck lowering their auto insurance rates by carpooling with co-workers. The less miles you put on your car, the lower your liability rates tend to be.

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