Cheap Insurance Juneau

Cheap Insurance Juneau

Juneau has some interesting transportation issues since the city isn’t connected to the rest of the state by any roads (only ferry service). Once you’re there you’re there! The city is also the largest (by geographical area) in the nation, covering more land than the entire state of Delaware. So population density isn’t an issue, and neither is traffic. Weather poses the biggest problem for drivers, as roads can freeze throughout the year, so it’s important to carry roadside assistance and make sure your vehicle is equipped for winter driving. Weather also poses problems for road maintenance which is another thing to consider when you are driving around the city.

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Some facts about Juneau:

  • Because it is the state capital, most of the city’s residents are employed by the state, county, federal, or municipal government. Many insurance companies will offer discounts for drivers employed in public service so be sure to ask your agent if you qualify.
  • Fishing is also a large industry in the area. Something interesting to note is that professional fisherman generally have low auto insurance rates because they put far less miles on their cars. Especially those out at sea for long stretches of time.
  • The average annual miles for drivers in Juneau can get pretty high because everything is so spread out. This can raise your premiums since each mile you drive increases the chances of you getting into an accident.

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