Cheap Insurance Tuscaloosa

Cheap Car Insurance Tuscaloosa

Tuscalossa, with a population of around 95,000 (2013 estimate) is Alabama’s fifth largest city. It is West Alabama’s economic hub, and is a commute destination for many of the region’s workers. Because of its friendly business climate, the city attracts a lot of small and large corporations, including Mercedes Benz who built their first US assembly plant in the county. If you’re looking to save money because of recent changes in local insurance rates (the population has increased by almost 20% over the past 15 years), it’s probably a good idea to compare as many options for cheap insurance Tuscaloosa’s agents can offer.

Did you know?

  • The city sees the occasional tornado (the most recent being in 2011), so you might consider comprehensive coverage which will cover weather-related damage.
  • Tuscaloosa is a college town, but a quarter of the labor force is employed by government agencies. This means a lot of residents might qualify for high-educated worker, highly-skilled worker, or good student discounts. Many companies give discounts for public service especially.
  • Traffic can get bad on game days, but the city gets a lot of incoming drivers because of work, but also because of the city’s thriving retail industry (there are anumber of regional malls).
  • There were only 202 cars stolen in 2012 which, while higher than the preceding two years, is still a drop from a high of 304 in 2012. All in all, the city doesn’t have many car theft problems, so full coverage rates won’t get as high as other major metro areas.

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