Cheap Insurance Huntsville

Cheap Car Insurance Huntsville

The Huntsville area is Alabama’s second-largest metropolitan zone, with a greater population of over 400,000. Because of recent changes in demographic, crime, and traffic data, residents are advised to explore the many options for cheap insurance Huntsville can offer. Aerospace and the military industry play predominant roles in the local economy, and provide the majority of jobs. The city has one of the highest concentration of engineers in the nation.

Here are some factors that affect insurance rates in Huntsville:

  • Public Transportation: The city has fixed bus routes that provide access to downtown and the major shopping districts. This doesn’t help much in the way of daily commuting though, so most residents are forced to rely on their cars. This can add to the general cost of liability insurance.
  • Crime Rates: There were over 700 stolen cars in 2012 (more recent figures are not yet available) which can add to the cost of comprehensive coverage.
  • Overall Cost Of Living: Huntsville is about 4% cheaper than the rest of the state, and 10% cheaper than the national average. This extends to the overall cost of insurance as well.
  • State requirements: Alabama requires certain minimum coverage which usually set the base rates for the state. While they are generally the cheapest coverage options, they don’t always provide adequate coverage. You can get additional liability for just a few dollars a month.
  • Your Neighborhood: The Five Points neighborhood or Hampton Cove are going to have far different rates for some coverage options than neighborhoods like the Arsenal or Patton road. If you are relocating, be sure to get quotes for your new neighborhood so you know how your rates will be affected.

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