Tips for Beating LA Traffic

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

There’s nothing like LA traffic. It is one of the worst traffic areas in the world. Oftentimes people only visit Los Angeles one time in their entire lives, not knowing that much of their time will be spent in the gridlock that is known as the Los Angeles rush hour. A little known fact is that LA is often swamped with “rush hour” traffic at all hours of the day. However, there are some positive points to the freeways in Los Angeles, too. For example, the freeways are generally six lanes, with carpool lanes as an extra bonus. Oftentimes this will keep traffic flowing at a pretty fast speed. However, there will be times when the traffic is gridlocked and there is nothing you can do about it. Here are some tips to get you through the worst traffic situations in Los Angeles:

  • Plan your trip. If you’ve never been in the LA area, it’s a good idea to study a map of the area that you’ll be traveling too. Car insurance is easy to come by, so before you go on a long road trip, get some discount insurance and save some money if you get into a little fender bender along the way.
  • Decide when to drive. The worst time to drive through Los Angeles is on the weekdays, during the hours of 5 through 7. The freeways are absolutely packed with people returning from work. It is also the time that many baseball games and concerts kick off in the entertainment capitol of the world, so be sure to avoid this time if you can.
  • Arrive early. It may sound a little extreme, but driving through Los Angeles in the early hours of morning might save you a lot of pain. From midnight to 5 in the morning the freeways are pretty much empty. You will be able to breeze right through areas in minutes that might otherwise take you hours during the daytime.
  • Use your GPS. Electronic devices should be able to warn you of impending traffic collisions and jams. If you can, just get off the freeway if the freeway has simply become a large parking lot. It is better in this case to wait it out.
  • Find an alternate route. The good thing about Los Angeles is there’s always another route to take. Using a GPS should help you navigate around areas of congestion. Surface streets usually bypass everything.
  • Fender Benders. Small accidents sometimes happen when traffic is heavy. Cheap car insurance will save you a lot of money and annoyance. Make sure you get your hands on some discount insurance before you hit the LA freeways.

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