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Wednesday, August 30, 2017



If you are involved in the motorcycle culture, you already know how tight-knit it can be.

You may have become intoxicated with the smell of leather, or the wind blowing on your face while cruising down the open highway.

For the rest of is, the motorcycle life seems like a world away. Sometimes a little glamorous, sometimes a little gritty. The truth is, The motorcycle culture has been around for a long time. Since the 1800’s in fact.

However you think of motorcycles and however you came to love them, it’s always exciting to compare the best of the best.

What is the most expensive bike? Who sells the best cheap motorcycle insurance? Who designs the best protective jackets?

Bikes are a way of life for many people. Whether it is the daily commute or the long weekend run, we can’t argue that the motorcycle has been pulling at heart strings for years and years.

When you want to know what bike is the fastest or most expensive, you usually start to think of ways to improve your own. There are many other facets to motorcycle ownership such as your personal style. Maybe you even have a signature helmet you love to wear.

Just remember, the more customized your bike, the harder it is to insure. Finding motorcycle insurance for a souped-up Harley with custom fenders may not be as easy as insuring your stock version of a Yamaha-250.

Either way, it’s all exciting to think about.

What are the best bikes and gear this year?

Well, let’s find out..

Here is the best of everything motorcycles for 2017.


The Best Bikes


  • Suzuki GSX- R1000 is one of the newest and lightest bikes on the market. This year they made it 10% lighter with a 10 level traction control.
  • The BMW HP4 RACE- is a S1000RR model with a carbon fiber twin-spar frame. This bike is sleek, beautiful and made for speed. This bike is made by hand in an exclusive series that is only out the second half of 2017.
  • One of the most expensive bikes you will find is the Harley Davidson Rocker. This bike is worth $130 thousand dollars. It has a beautiful and functional road bike appearance.
  • One super rare bike that isn’t new to 2017 but is making a comeback is the MV Augusta F4CC. This Italian super bike is very rare and has a top speed of 195 mph. You can find this bike priced at $120 thousand.
  • The Ducati Super sport is a monster and easy to ride. With a 937 cc engine, and lower mount foot frame, this bike is one of the more comfortable sports bikes on the market. It also has a safety pack and traction control that has been upgraded.
  • Kawasaki H2R is basically a racing bike that is sold to the public. It isn’t your everyday street bike and should be treated accordingly. With a price tag of over $50 thousand dollars, you are getting a lot in this little package. It has 300 horsepower, and was recorded doing 249 mph. That is no small fete. But, beware, this bike is not for the faint of heart. You should probably withstand buying this for a first timer, only experienced racers need apply.
  • Honda RC213V-S will blow the Kawasaki out of the water. This bike is a real racing bike that took top honors this year. It is hand built with 999cc engine. This bike won the MotoGP World Championships twice and has a price tag of $184 thousand dollars.


The Best Gear

Let’s talk gear, safety helmets and apparel. The motorcycle scene is much more than just cruising the streets. It is about making a statement.

You can get everything form padded leather jackets to hot pink helmets. So, let’s see what is trending in 2017.

  • Dainese Fighter Perforated Leather jacket that runs $679 dollars. This is a well-made, comfortable, durable and stylish leather jacket for the motorcycle enthusiast.
  • Aether Badlands Moto Jacket that runs $895. This jacket makes a statements and will last a lifetime.
  • Saint Unbreakable 6 Jeans. These pants look like jeans but won’t wear out in a skid. Trust me, you will want the durability.
  • Kim Rambler Gloves that run $60 are soft, durable and make it easy to use your hands while riding.
  • Rev’It Sport Pioneer Outdry boots run for about $400 and will be one of the best investment you ever make as a motorcycle rider.
  • One more vintage style helmet that is super stylish (and not cheap) is the Hedon Heroin Racer Helmet that costs about $800. It is white on the shell and a soft light brown on the interior, making it flashy yet simple in design.
  • Another helmet that looks more sporty in appearance is the Touratech Aventuro Mod Helmet. This will run you about $750 and comes in a nice flat black color.
  • One protective jacket that many people are choosing this year is the Icon Timax jacket. It comes in black and looks like leather but has all of the protectiveness you will ever need. This jacket costs $500, but will be a solid investment for your biking future.
  • The Bell Moto 3 helmet comes in many different styles and colors. You may not want to pay the almost $400 price tag, but just remember, it is your head, after all.

Best Motorcycle Insurance Companies 2017

  • State Farm has a great reputation in the motorcycle insurance category. They won’t be the cheapest motorcycle insurance company, but may be able to get you what you want.
  • Allstate is another company that has great satisfactory ratings. However they don’t have as much experience as State Farm.
  • Geico is one of the less expensive routes as far as insurance goes. However they still have pretty good ratings and just as much experience as Allstate.
  • Progressive is thought to be one of the best insurance companies overall because of the discounts they can get for their customers as well as the satisfactory ratings.
  • If you are looking for coverage on a custom bike, it seems Markel is a pretty good place to look. They have experience with insuring everything normal and abnormal.


Best Motorcycle Podcasts of 2017

  • Adventure Rider Radio Motorcycle Podcast talks about travel around the world and how motorcycles play into it.
  • Motorcycles & Misfits talks about their recycling motorcycle projects in the Santa Cruz area and the community they have grown to love.
  • Two Enthusiasts Motorcycle Podcast brings two lively characters together to talk about everything in life and motorcycles.
  • The Cafe Racer Podcast interviews motorcycle builders and shop owners and discusses the best about bikes and the motorcycle world.
  • Moterrific is a Podcast with two women who have a passion for motorcycles and opinions on life.
  • Motorcycle Men Podcast has two bike-loving men who talk about Harley’s, where to drive and dine as well as the greatest roads to see.


The Best Shops In The U.S.


So here is the deal, there are shops of all different kinds. There are online shops, bike dealers, super stores and everything in between. So I have put a list together that has a little bit of everything. We all know that if you live in Tennessee, you probably aren’t going to drive to California to shop for a bike. Or are you?


Here is a mix-mash of bike shops and dealers in the United States:


  • John Burr Cycles in Fontana, CA. This company has been in business for almost 50 years and they know their stuff. They have a great showroom, and supportive staff. Located right outside of Los Angeles, where motorcycle culture thrives, this shop has stayed successful for many years.
  • The online shop: is a general motorcycle shop with a lot of inventory . It has gear, parts, and apparel. You can find incredible discounts as well.
  • For new and used bikes alike, try They have a wide selection of bikes sold by dealers  as well as individuals.
  • Xtreme Powersports in Tampa, FL has a wide selection of everything you will need. For those southeast riders, stop in and take a look around a their showroom.
  • Thunder Mountain Harley Dealership in Loveland, Co is big, beautiful and busting out with top bikes. Harley Davidson went all out when making this shop.
  • Barnett Harley Davidson in El Paso, Tx is another bike dealer you will want to discover. The inventory is huge and the customer service unbeatable.


The Best Road Trips 2017


Here area  list of some of the top rated places to ride across the United States. Every state is different when considering your motorcycle insurance. Laws differ as well so always check online when traveling across the country. And remember to ride safely and enjoy your surroundings.


  • If you are looking for the changing leaves and a brisk wind, then travel East to West Virginia. The George Washington Highway is supposed to have some of the most brilliant colored trees in the nation. Go during the changing of the seasons and enjoy yourself.
  • Needles Highway, South Dakota. There is nothing more rugged or beautiful than the Black Hills of South Dakota. Not to mention, one of the biggest motorcycle rallies in the world, The Sturgis Motorcycle Rally is located in South Dakota in August.
  • Pacific Coast Highway, California. It really doesn’t matter where in California you take this highway. The winding roads offer ocean views and foggy morning air. Travel through redwood forests or Pebble Beach world renowned gold course.
  • San Juan Mountain Sky, Colorado. Get out of your comfort zone and get lost in the hills of the Rocky Mountains. It is a loop ride, so it winds back around to wherever you start from, Convenient right?
  • The Three Sisters, Texas. Also known as The Twisted Sisters, this 130 mile ride thought he heartland of Texas will change the way you see the state. Rivers and Mountains will call out your name while the wind blows in your ever-smiling face.


The Best Motorcycle Events of 2017


  • National H.O.G. Rally in Wisconsin.If you are a Harley owner, you will want to come to this event. Thousands of bikers every year attend and it makes for one great event. Start at the Harley Davidson Museum and take a ride with like-minded riders. It is a great time to ride in Wisconsin as well, Late August and early September is usually when this event is held.
  • The Sturgis Black Hills Rally holds 500 thousand participants every year. Loyal riders who would love nothing more than to hang out with other motorcycle enthusiasts. Drink, eat and enjoy the five day event.
  • Las Vegas Bike Festival in Las Vegas Nevada. What better way to celebrate a bunch of bikers than sin city? Almost 40 thousand people attend every year and it makes for one wild event.
  • Biketoberfest in Florida is celebrating its 25th year anniversary. During the middle of October, you could enjoy bikes, booze and loads and loads of great food. The Florida weather is pretty perfect that time of year as well.
  • Rolling Thunder Ride For Freedom in Washington DC. This event has nearly 900 thousand bikes cruising the streets in celebration of freedom. Veterans and military alike join in this huge even that pays tribute the brave men and women who fight for our freedoms.
  • LOVE ride in Glendale, CA will be celebrating its 40th anniversary with grand marshall Jay Leno. It benefits the USO and people from all over California and the United States attend.
  • New Orleans bike week is a huge event in one of the most unique cities in the U.S. Put on during halloween week, this event is fun, fun, fun and a little voodoo as well.
  • Americade is a New York bike rally with a long history. This rally consists of mostly Harley Davidson charged bikers who love the East Coast riding scene.
  • The Republic of Texas biker rally. Coming back to Austin for the 22cd year, the town is very happy to have the biker sin black leather. An added bonus is the music scene in Austin. This makes for a fun rally for bikers and musicians alike.


As you can see, the best of the best is just a matter of perspective. But when it comes to big rallies, expensive gear or souped-up bikes, this page has displayed some of the greatest.

From the very best motorcycle insurance to the fastest bikes on the planet, the motorcycle world is constantly changing.

If you are apart of this world and want to know more, check out the links in this blog.

If you are hoping to be apart of the motorcycle world, reach out and attend a rally. Supporting good causes and having fun go hand-in-hand when you are a biker.

And more than anything, enjoy the many great places only you can see on the back of a motorcycle.

Not only is the motorcycle unique and vibrant, there are so many people across the country and have the same things in common: their love for motorcycles.

The best of the best is just a snippet of what is available for the motorcycle enthusiast.



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