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Charleston, the capital of West Virginia, has a population of almost a quarter million (when you include the greater metro area). The city proper has over 50,000 residents. That may not seem like a lot when you consider some of the nearby mega-cities like NYC and Boston, but in the population density in Charleston is high, which affects the price you pay for your car insurance. When there are more vehicles in a smaller area the rate of auto accidents rises, as do premiums. If you’re looking for a lower rate be sure to explore all the options for cheap insurance Charleston can offer.

The city is the employment hub for the region, as well as the financial and government center for the state. This brings a lot of commuters into the city each day, and you’ll see a lot of traffic delay during the rush hours. But if you can take the Kanawha Valley RTA which runs bus routes through the city, you can usually lower your annual insurance costs. This is due to the fact that the more miles you drive each year the higher your premiums will be.

Because many of the area’s residents are employed by state or local government agencies, they might be eligible for certain discounts. A lot of insurance companies will give discounts for public service jobs, as well as a variety of other labor or technical professions (like medicine or engineering, for example).

Crime rates have been on the decline in Charleston, especially in regards to auto theft. This helps keep the price of certain coverages (like comprehensive) lower.