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Roanoke is the largest city in Southwest Virginia, but the 8th-largest in the state. The city has seen an ebb and flow over the past few decades when it comes to population size, so insurance rates are adjusting a lot. This can mean you have the opportunity to lock in a lower rate though, so it’s definitely good to shop around.

There are some interesting options in the city when it comes to public transportation. Valley Metro provides bus service throughout the area and beyond, but there is also a service called RIDE Solutions which helps in other ways. RIDE helps match commuters for carpool groups, advocates for bicycle commuting and helps streamline transit. This can help commuters save on their monthly auto insurance bill as well because putting less miles on your car each year usually means lower rates.

In general the zip codes nearest the city center have the highest population density and the highest rates for coverages like liability and collision (zip codes 24013 and 24015).

Many of the city’s residents are employed in highly-skilled labor jobs, the medical field and the education field. Any of these may make you eligible for discounts on your policy so be sure to check with your agent to see if you qualify.

Crime rates are back down after a seven year high. There were still close to 250 cars stolen in 2012 though, so be careful where you park and make sure your car has some sort of anti-theft device installed if it doesn’t already. Most companies will give you discounts for this.