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Richmond has a rich history, with many of America’s most famous historical sites being within a few minute drive. As a result, the city is a significant tourist destination. During the late 20th century the city had a huge spike in all forms of crime, and it wasn’t until recently that the rates started to significantly decline. In 2005 it was the 5th most dangerous city in the nation. However, the rite dropped by 47% in the following years. There were still over 900 auto thefts, which has an impact on the number of options for cheap insurance Richmond can offer.

Ways to Save

Residents are encouraged to find as many quotes as they can before deciding on a policy. Comparison shopping remains the best and easiest way to save money on your car insurance. Insurance companies are constantly revising their rates based on new city data (for instance, a lower crime rate has helped in recent years). This means that the rate you were paying for the last year may not the be the cheapest this year.

What coverage do I need?

Virginia has specific state requirements, but that’s just the bare minimum. In a city like Richmond you might consider Comprehensive coverage so your vehicle is protected for theft, or increased liability in case you cause a severe accident. You can get prices for a variety of coverage options in mere minutes.

Other tips

If you are considering relocating to a new neighborhood, be sure to check the rates for your coverage in the new zip code. Prices can very from neighborhood to neighborhood.

Consider carpooling to work or taking public transportation. There are over 540,000 commuters on the roads each day during peak hours, and the average Richmond resident spends close to 30 hours a year in traffic!