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Ogden’s population is currently around 82,000, up from 63,000 in 1990. This growth is due to the fact that the city serves as the economic and commercial hub for northern Utah. A large number of residents are employed in either state or federal government which usually entitles them to receive discounts on their auto insurance. If you feel you may qualify for a lower rate, check with your insurance company or take a couple minutes to compare the options for cheap insurance Ogden has to offer.

The city has recently ranked among Forbes Magazine’s “Best Places for Business and Careers” because of the economic expansion into a number of various industries including education, commerce, and medical research.

I-15 and I-84 see the most commuter congestion, but the city sees mostly incoming traffic so if you live within the city limits you won’t be affected as much. If you can utilize either the Utah Transity Authority’s bus service, or the FrontRunner commuter rail (runs between SLC and Pleasant View) you will put less miles on your car each year. Less annual miles usually equates to lower auto insurance rates.

Crime rates, particularly for property crime and auto theft, were getting pretty bad a decade ago, but the city has taken a lot of steps to prevent it. This has helped the property crime rate drop to just over 3,000 thefts in 2012, and only 216 auto thefts. This is great news for your homeowners and renters insurance rates, as well as the rate for comprehensive coverage on your auto policy.