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Nashville, like many American cities, is in flux. The upside to this is the number of options for cheap insurance Nashville can offer. A growing population means an ever-changing insurance market. As more drivers enter the area, insurance companies adjust their rates accordingly. If you haven’t shopped your policy in a while, you might want to consider doing so now, as rates are surprisingly cheap.

We value our customers, and want them to save as much as they can, so we put together some helpful tips for Nashville residents.

Music City

We can’t talk about Nashville without talking about music. After all, since 1960 the city has been the most important music-producing city in America (second only to New York City). From Dolly Parton and the Grand Ole Opry, to gospel, to country, to rock and roll, Nashville’s routes are in its music. It’s arguably the center of the city’s economy, and new residents flock to Nashville every year to try their hand at performing or recording. Paired with the strong job market, this has helped the area grow to a population of just under 2 million residents (if you count the surrounding metropolitan area). That’s a population density of 1,300 people per square mile. While that might not mean much to us, it means a lot to insurance companies. More cars and more people mean higher rates, so take a few minutes to examine the alternatives for cheap insurance Nashville has to offer.

If it’s been more than half a year since you shopped for insurance, now’s a good time. With so many online resources, it only takes about 15 minutes to compare rates. Remember, insurance companies are constantly revising their rating structure, so new deals pop up every month.

Nashville Facts

Aside from tourism, the largest industry in Nashville is health care. Because of this, the city is the third-fastest growing municipality in the nation! Here are some other fun things to do in Nashville:
Speaking of car lovers, you’re probably here to learn about your insurance options, right? Whether you’re shopping for a new car, or just want to lower the rates on your current vehicle, here’s some helpful info.

Car Insurance

Nashville has a pretty rich car culture. Maybe it’s all those country stars driving their vintage trucks, or muscle cars. But we don’t want to forget about the everyday commuters either, so let’s start with the basics. Nashville residents require the same minimum car insurance coverage as the rest of Tennessee. Unlike other states, Tennessee has some pretty strict requirements, so it helps if residents compare all the options for cheap car insurance Nashville can offer.

Minimum Coverage in Nashville

The state of Tennessee requires these policy coverages:

As you can see, Nashville requires more coverage than other states. Most other cities don’t require Uninsured Motorist coverage, but we always recommend it anyway. Especially in urban areas where more people tend to drive without insurance, or let their coverage lapse. The last thing you want is to get in a hit-and-run and not have any way to cover your injuries or damage to your car.

To make sure you have proper coverage, we recommend some (or all) of these additions.

Let’s talk about discounts

We wouldn’t recommend anything that increased your rates without giving you ways to save.

The #1 Best Way to Save Money

Get comparison quotes! Seriously. We’ve been doing this for over 30 years, so we know what we’re talking about. The rates you paid last month may not be the lowest rates this month. We recommend you re-shop your policy at least every six months (more if you have the time). Especially in a city like Nashville, that is constantly growing and evolving. As the city’s demographics, traffic, and crime patters change, so do the rates!

In order to better help our growing customer base, we put together some online tools that are easy to use. Simply fill in your zip code below, provide us some basic information, and you will start to see offers. Not only from the major insurance carriers, but also local agents in Nashville!

Other Helpful Tips