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Lower Merion Township

A First-Class Town

Lower Merion Township is ranked as the 5th highest per-capita income in the United States.

For cities with 50 thousand or more residents, Lower Merion ranks as 12th in the nation for the highest median household income.

This means that people in Lower Merion are doing well for themselves.

This town thrives for many different reasons.

Its location and way of life as well as the businesses that flourish here.

Very close to Philadelphia there is room for commuters to make more money in the big city and settle down in the suburbs.

One of the main suburbs of Philly, Lower Merion Township is a great town filled with things to do.

Lower Merion has quite a rich history.

Coming from Welsh settlers, this town was established in 1692 and has one of the oldest houses of worship.

You can find amazing old buildings here with so many stories to tell.

Families settle here for the environment and the fact that it is so close to Philadelphia.

If you are a tourist or visitor to Lower Merion Township, you will enjoy the old mansions that reside here.

Once a formed township for only the wealthy, there are some amazing buildings and architecture.

If you want to live here but work in the city, you will need a car to commute.

Pennsylvania state makes it clear that you must also have car insurance.

Buying a home here will be a joy.

Settling into a town like this is the dream of many families.

Get the homeowners insurance you will need to make this happen.

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Insurance Requirements Lower Merion Township

Car Insurance

In the state of Pennsylvania it is mandatory to have car insurance.

Not only car insurance but a valid drivers license and current registration for the car which you are driving.

When you are looking into buying a car, the first thing you will need is insurance.

When you commute or just drive the kids around, you will want to be protected.

There is a minimum amount of car insurance necessary, but you may decide you want full coverage.

And when you have a loan out on a vehicle, it is mandatory you have full coverage.

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Here are the requirements you will need:

You can also have more than just the minimum coverage.

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