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A New Age Settlement Town

Haverford, Pennsylvania is a small town on the outskirts of Philadelphia.

An unincorportated city, it is an older settlement town.

Known for its railways and transportation, this small town is just a pass-through sort of city.

But when you stay here and get to know Haverford, you realize how much more it really is.

This town is on the main line, which is historically known for having cities with wealth.

It is only 10 miles outside of the largest city in all of Pennsylvania.

This makes for easy commute and transportation for many residents.

Homes here in Haverford are quite expensive. The average home price is around 800 thousand dollars.

This makes Haverford one of the wealthiest towns in Pennsylvania.

Derived from a town in England, Haverford has deep routes with European settlement.

Many people settle their families here because of the great schools and amazing scenery.

Haverford is also home to one of the oldest country clubs in the country.

Haverford College is located here in this eclectic east coast town.

With many buildings being historic places and antiquated, you may feel like you have stepped back in time.

Getting settle here in Haverford is quote easy.

Welcoming faces and beautiful landscapes invite you.

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Insurance Requirements Haverford

Car Insurance

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