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The Mountain City

Altoona, Pennsylvania is a town in Blair County where the mountains reach the forest.

This town is filled with not only things to do in town but on the outskirts of town.

Outdoor activities flourish here because of the close proximity to the hillsides and forest that surround.

It is also home to a minor league baseball team.

The Pittsburg Pirates triple A team plays here and makes for great family fun for all ages.

Games are a center point of the town and give a rich summer experience to families.

Altoona has a population of around 45 thousand residents.

Its roots stem from a railroad industry which once made Altoona a rich place to live.

This town is still trying to move out of the industrial era and make the town more modern.

Keeping up with standards is hard nowadays.

But feel comforted when you live here because the atmosphere is friendly and laid back.

There are a lot of things to do such as visiting Lakemont Park which is an amusement park.

Or perhaps you would rather visit a historical railroad museum? They have that as well.

Altoona is also home to a small state college and this makes the culture here a little more diverse.

Altoona is home to a 75 year old Orchestra called the Altoona Symphony Orchestra.

Whether you want to settle down in Altoona, or are just passing by, you’ll learn to love the feel of this little town.

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