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Abington Township

A Montgomery County Gem

Abington Township is a smaller suburb in Montgomery County, Pennsylvania.

This is a wonderful town full of proud residents and beautiful history.

Incorporated in 1704, Abington Township is one of the oldest townships in the United States.

There is a culture here like no other, as the Amish and European decedents still live like the olden days.

With around 55 thousand residents, there is a feeling of small town while having an economy that thrives on its own.

With some of the oldest transportation routes and churches in America, this is a place for tourists to enjoy in peace.

During the Revolutionary War there was even a small battle fought in Abington Township on Edge Hill.

Now as a new a flourishing development of homes and industry, there is much to see.

If you are visiting, check out some of the most beautiful parks on the east coast.

Meadowbrook Bird Sanctuary is a sweet place to take the kids on the weekend.

The industry here consists of making pressed steel, chemicals and plastic.

A middle class town filled with a great history and beauty that few get to experience.

The quintessential small east coast town, most here have lived for generations and appreciate the atmosphere.

Get all four seasons and experience a small town like no other.

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How Can I Attain The Best Insurance In Abington?

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Insurance Requirements Abington Township

Car Insurance

Car insurance in the state of Pennsylvania is mandatory.

You must carry the minimum amount of car insurance, a valid drivers license and current registration on any car you drive.

Carry these forms with you at all times when driving in case you are in an accident or pulled over.

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